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Ramadan: tips & tricks voor sporters

Ramadan will start on Monday 6 May. It is not allowed to eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. Smoking, sexual intercourse, lying and / or cursing are also not permitted. Among other things, Ramadan is all about cleansing the body, improving mental health and gaining more appreciation for food. During this period we receive many questions about training, supplements and nutrition. You can read here how you can best maintain your body during Ramadan!

What happens to your body during Ramadan?

Because you get less fluid, sugar and caffeine, you can suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as headache and / or nausea during the first few days. Your body needs to get used to the changes it is undergoing. As soon as habituation has occurred, you will suffer less from these annoying side effects. Fanatical gym visitors have an extra concern: to maintain muscle mass, or to create it of course, nutrition plays an important role. You have to handle a calorie surplus, otherwise you will lose weight and lose muscle mass. This is very difficult during Ramadan, since you are fasting for much of the day. But nothing is impossible!

How do you maintain your muscle mass during Ramadan?

Nutrition tips

  1. Drink enough in the morning and at night so that you are less thirsty during the day. In addition, this keeps your fluid balance up to scratch.
  2. The first meal is just before bedtime. It is important that you take proteins with a slow release, so that your muscles are nourished during the night. Micellar Casein  and cottage cheese are good sources of so-called time-released protein .
  3. The meal just before sunrise should contain sufficient slow carbohydrates, slow proteins and good fats. This feeds the body during the fasting period. The Sunrise Shake contains all these components. See below, No. 1.
  4. Make sure you get enough protein from your diet or supplements to support muscle recovery. In addition, carbohydrates are important as an energy source. We have put together a Refuel Shake especially for Ramadan. See below, No. 2.
  5. Prevent you from getting full quickly by eating quietly. This also makes it easier to make conscious choices.

Training tips

  1. Accept that you have to train at a lower intensity. Your body has less energy than usual. If you do not adjust the intensity to this, you will be in a catabolic state.
  2. Try to train late at night so that you can take a shake immediately after training. If your gym is open late (or is open 24/7 of course), then you can choose to exercise after you have had a meal or shake. Because of this you do not train on an empty battery, something you can of course benefit from.
  3. Try to set intermediate goals. This allows you to slowly work towards the final goal: a good Ramadan and no loss of muscle mass.

Nr. 1 The ‘Sunrise Shake’

This shake is especially for in the morning. It contains both proteins and carbohydrates with a slow release. This will feed your body during the fasting period. Proteins ensure the maintenance of muscle mass

Nr. 2: The ‘Refuel Shake’

This shake contains quickly absorbable carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids which are quickly absorbed by the body. This influences muscle recovery and gives your body new energy. This shake comes in handy before or after training.

We want to wish everyone good luck during Ramadan. Do you have questions or are you looking for tips? Then contact us by e-mail, telephone, web chat or Facebook. We are happy to help you!

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